Welcome to Vicky Arné Custom Catering.

Sa wat dee, (hello) and welcome to Vicky Arné Custom Catering.

I can’t believe its finally happened! I’ve opened my very own catering business and I’m so excited about my new web site, and blog. A special thanks to web designer Holly Herick for doing such a fabulous job.

My catering business is taking off quickly—faster than I could have ever imagined…thanks to so many remarkable friends sharing their experiences with others.
I hope to keep you informed of my adventures creating custom meals for my wonderful clients throughout Southern Oregon. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and hopefully, in the near future, you will allow me to create a dining experience that will exceed your wildest expectations.

wai juuhr gan (see you soon),
Vicky Arné

P.S. Keep in touch for some Thai recipes and cooking techniques to make your meals at home extra special.

4 responses to “Welcome to Vicky Arné Custom Catering.

  1. Hi Vicky, your site is “live” and looking good. I am so excited for you. I want the world to know what a joy you are to be around. Your smile is infectious and your cooking warm my heart as well as my mouth. Congratulations!

  2. Good job, ladies! Looks beautiful!

  3. Wonderful site and great-looking food. Hope to meet you one day, Vicky. Holly raves about you.

  4. Hey Vicky, Thank you so much for catering our Academy picnic on Sunday. It is for sure that you can do an elegant dinner in a banquet room, or like on Sunday, take it to the soccer fields and make everyone so very happy. The kids as well as adults enjoyed our fabulous meal. And you made it all look so easy 🙂 Vicky you rock. Thank You Thank You Thank You.

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